THC Kerfcrossing Component (UNTESTED)

23 Apr 2017 08:15 #91875 by rodw
rodw created the topic: THC Kerfcrossing Component (UNTESTED)
Hi guys,

Here is a component to sense kerf crossing and disable (hold) THC corrections. From what I could find, kerf crossing senses a rapid increase in voltage over time (when the torch is crossing a void) which is a level of magnitude higher than normal corrections. (In other words, it stands out like a sore thumb). For simplicity, this component works on the number of passes through the servo thread.

Based on what info I could find, the defaults are set as follows. If the the torch voltage changes by 1 volt in 2 servo thread counts, it will hold the THC for 10 servo thread counts. All of these defaults can be changed.

John (Islander261) has reviewed this code and we both think it should work but neither of us have yet got a working plasma system to test this on. Try it and see, then report back.

The active signal is intended to be sent to the eoffset_pid hold-request pin. In my configuration, it shares this pin with the cornerlock component I have shared on the forum previously by using an or2 component.

To enable the kerf crossing component, I have used the gmoccapy enable cornerlock check box so that the one GUI element enables both corner lock and kerf crossing.

In addition to the component file, I have also attached a text file that contains the man page for this component. It contains a complete example based on the gmoccapy plasma interface.
# Main .HAL file
       loadrt kerfcross.comp names=k-cross
       loadrt eoffset_pid names=zo
       loadrt or2 count=1
       addf k-cross servo-thread
       addf zo servo-thread 1
       addf or2.0 servo-thread

#Plasma.HAL File
       setp k-cross.threshold        1
       setp k-cross.cycle-count      2
       setp k-cross.lockout-periods 10
       net  E:command  <= k-cross.torch-volts
       net  kc-enabled <= k-cross.enabled
       net kc-enabled => or2.4.in0
       net CL-HeightLock => or2.4.in1
       net E:hold-active or2.4.out => zo.hold-request

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24 May 2017 04:07 #93576 by grijalvap
grijalvap replied the topic: THC Kerfcrossing Component (UNTESTED)
It sounds good, is similar to the anti-dive function on other systems.
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24 May 2017 11:28 #93587 by rodw
rodw replied the topic: THC Kerfcrossing Component (UNTESTED)

grijalvap wrote: It sounds good, is similar to the anti-dive function on other systems.

Yes, this feature has a few names. I am closer to testing but life has got in the way so won't have much time to finish this off for a week or so.
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