Powermax45xp with serial interface, how to connect this inverter with linuxcnc

18 Feb 2018 05:05 #106111 by tommylight


Yes the Proma works very good. There is al link of my company at their website. Mostly i order them by 10 pcs.
So maybe if you want to order in the future you can get a special linux price...
On wich branche of inverter do you want to use the power setting by pwm i think?

I will update this thread for the serial communication link.

When do i become a platinum boarder? hihi

Thank you for the offer, i will have to orderer 2 or 3 soon, but i will have to order them directly from them as they have been very generous when i made that config. As i said before due to lack of time i have not done anything on any of my projects, ihave been tasked with building a full acetylene/plasma/tube cutter from a very old machine and it is taking to much time with the hardware mods, also have to build 2 fully automatic band saws for metal, a powder coating booth and oven ( the size of a full 40 feet container ), another plasma cutter, another small cnc router etc etc etc. I have to extend mu workshop, 800 sqf is just not enough..

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19 Feb 2018 19:50 - 19 Feb 2018 20:09 #106184 by Grotius

I alway's hate old machine's. Better is to pulvorize them to pound price and then build new one for customer.

I you have picture of bandsaw for me, i might get an idea... I also am interested in fully automated bandsaw. But also
fully automated angles in horizontal and vertical set up.

Today i get a fantastic idea about linuxcnc, it has also to do with the bandsaw project, but has also to do with Tod's wood stove set up.
This idea can be the standard for almost every small cnc or i/o system. I send proma an mail if they want to build it on private label.
I think they won't ansfer. So no problem. I have good relationship with very smart electronic expert. He has developed his own servo drive. I call this crazy....

My workshop becomes smaller every year. I am the brain behind the company and i only need space for myself and a few cnc machines. A example. If i spare 1000 dollar in renting space every month. My wife can spent this money and she is happy, no this
is a joke. My life is to short to weld al the machine's myself. So after 5 years of welding i am now at the moment to leave the welding place myself. I can now do now spent more time to development. If i spent time on selling machines, i can multiply my output by factor 4, after 5 years time i think 300 machines every year, maybe very 30-50 big one's , and become bigger then swiftcut within 3 years from now. So be prepared. I also dail up easy with microstep. My machine's
in that bigger format are much more accurate then what they build. Only i build no 5 axis at the moment, so that i tested on tangential cutting methode. But i have until now not the customers for 5 axis cutting. Only the true hole technologie and laser technologie is market for me at the moment.
Swiftcut can buy my company at the moment for 5 milion euro's and i will never build any cnc machine in my life again.
Next year price is 8 miljon and about 5 years it's 15 miljon. After all, i did it myself. So if you believe in something. You can get it true.
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