Torch voltage sampling component

05 Jan 2018 02:18 #104040 by rodw
Attached is a torch voltage component that will read your torch voltage to use as a setpoint when a signal (eg a delay based on ArcOK)
Before using this, you may like to look at your arc voltage wusing halscope to select a delay time. Here are some of my plots using 2mm steel and 8mm steel.

In both cases, it seemed that 1.5 seconds was a good time frame (eg at the white lines) so I just hardcoded a delay on ArcOk.

To use, its something like this (Example is based on the external offsets branch
loadrt timedelay names=THCdelay
net E:feedback  <= thcad10.torch-volts 
loadrt torchsample names=tvolts
addf tvolts servo-thread
addf THCdelay servo-thread
setp THCdelay.on-delay  1.5
setp 0
net E:arc-ok =>
net E:feedback => tvolts.voltsin
net enableTHC  <=  THCdelay.out
# unlink pins in the eoffset_pid setup as we need to override them.
unlinkp motion.analog-out-00
net E:request => tvolts.sampledvolts
net E:feedback  <= thcad10.torch-volts 

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