Laser engraver m67

03 Sep 2018 14:26 #117012 by Kaspret
Replied by Kaspret on topic Laser engraver m67

Both figures look great! Really good blackness, contrast and sharpness.

The question is if the laser follows the contour of the picture, or does it follow the rectangular outline?

Edit: I ask because I can barely see any difference. There are no clear signs of overexposure, like in the very first engraving in this thread. Maybe the contour lines on the right engraving are a tad thinner, but it may also be the camera.
Does the laser change direction at the edge of the figure or at a larger rectangle?

It's not easy to find differences, but there are some small details. I think most of the previous defects made by my mistakes like:
  • acceleration was too low
  • my x-axis has one defected bearing and its jamming one fast acceleration(now all gcode are converted to work on y-axis as main moves)
  • some dirt on a focusable lens and wasn't able to get a very sharp point(now it's better)

  • Its creating line by line, like a printer. Adding video with an unfocused laser, just for preview:

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