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19 Nov 2023 12:43 #285889 by Axi5
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Hi guys

I am new to this forum and Linuxcnc.
I have a big  5 axis Cnc router that just been fitted with a Linuxcnc controller. We are having a issue with the Machine, when running 5 axis simultaneously the machine is super slow but then running test G code the machine speed is absolutely fine. So we have established it can only be a problem between the CAM and the post processor. The first Post we used was an old one that did not have time inverse so I downloaded the latest one from fusion for Linuxcnc, and the guy who installed the system for me modified the post for me I haven’t tested it yet, but we have tested a G code sample that was running G93 and it did not work. If you guys have any input or knowledge of how we go about to solve this problem, I would be really great full.

another issue is every time the machine finished a job and the head does not return to 0 the machine will give me a joint mode error and it will loose the z 0 position aswell as the tool offset, so I need to home the machine every time? 
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19 Nov 2023 17:46 #285926 by tommylight
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Damn, that is a big machine! :)
And that is really not the place to have a table with people!
This is fuzzy to me but there is a video of something similar that i remembered a while back

Maybe it helps...

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15 May 2024 14:42 #300686 by RobotMatic
Replied by RobotMatic on topic 5 axis Cnc Router
They are making me a query similar to your problem, although the machine does not yet have Linuxcnc, it has a Chinese control that does not interpolate simultaneously and they are asking me to install Linuxcnc, which I have no problem with, but the machine has XYYZAB axes, AB axis in bridge, and of course it does not have the post processor to make it run.

The video that Andy posted allows an excellent solution to 4 axes, I have not tried it in 5 axes, this would be my first time, so I want to ask you if you have made your 5 axis machine work? and what kind of configuration does your AB axes have, whether it's a table or a bridge?

I work with SolidWorks and Surfcam, for which I need to manufacture my 5-axis postprocessor, please tell me about your experience and what software you are using.

I'm from Argentina.


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