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07 Dec 2020 20:36 #191355 by prochj51
QPushButton Icon was created by prochj51

I am trying to replace text of QPushButton with .svg icon.
I added it into resource.qrc file as play.svg and changed stylesheet to

And the icon shows up properly in QtDesigner.
But when I run linuxcnc I get this error:
qt.svg: Cannot open file ':play.svg', because: No such file or directory

Does anyone know how it should be done properly.
I am attaching my files just in case.

Thanks in advance

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22 Dec 2020 16:04 #192831 by KCJ
Replied by KCJ on topic QPushButton Icon
Hello Jiri,

Sorry for the late reply.
I find it better to use relative paths in the QSS file rather than the recourse paths (paths that begin with ":"). The icon may not show up in designer this way since it will not always be able to resolve a relative path, but it will work when the run the application normally.

The path is relative to the QSS file, so if you have a separate icons dir that is up one level from your QSS file location, you would use a path that looks something like this:


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