Create Hal signals from VcpSettingsLineEdit

06 Jan 2021 21:48 - 06 Jan 2021 23:54 #194294 by FedX

Im currently playing around with QtPyVCP. Is there a possibility to create a Halsignal out of an existing VcpSettingsLineEdit?

My problem is i remapped the M6 command.
If i call my m6_remap.ngc file via a SubCallButton i can easily take the parameters directly from the GUI with #1 #2.. But if i call M6 Tx (Like a normal GCode file would do) from the midi the parameters are all default 0..

Now i could delete all existing VcpSettingsLineEdit with hal spin boxes, but they are initialized at each start up to 0 or the default value. And they are not as nice as the normal input box..

My solution for now would be exchange all needed inputs to halspinboxes and save the values with paramsaver before closing. with this solution i have all needed values restored after start up and can use the pins in every subroutine. But this is more like a workaround than a nice solution.
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