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installed and verified running on rPi4 using Scott Alford's vtk package for ARM but tried to bring up editvcp and it's complaining about python version and x86 stuff. Turns out Scott also had a libpyqt5.so library for Designer on ARM and that almost got things working.

Seems the LinuxCNC docs on QtPyVCP are off track a bit as the template generator(vcp-template) causes editvcp to crash on the sample when created using the prescribed copy.sh script. Instead, there is a tutorial.sh script which generates a plain empty main window template with menus. It even prompts you if you want to copy it to your config directory and if you type "Yes" it sets up a dummy/simulator based config. I would like to see a sample with a couple of buttons and maybe a dial or temp label but this is a start.

Template generator:

rPi Qt5 Python2.7 Qt Designer lib is in the PyQt5 directory:

Can the development env also be on x86 and be directly copied to the LinuxCNC on rPi configs?
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