malloc_consolidate(): invalid chunk size

16 May 2021 16:46 #209122 by frequency

I made the pyqtvcp development install as described here: . If I try to start a sample configuration with "linuxcnc ~/linuxcnc/configs/sim.qtpyvcp/xyz.ini" linuxcnc crashes with following output:

LINUXCNC - 2.8.1
Machine configuration directory is '/home/wolfgang/linuxcnc/configs/sim.qtpyvcp'
Machine configuration file is 'xyz.ini'
Starting LinuxCNC...
File: tool.tbl Unrecognized line skipped: ;Tool Pocket X Offset Y Offset Z Offset Diameter Remark

Found file(REL): ./hallib/core_sim_3.hal
Note: Using POSIX realtime
Found file(REL): ./hallib/spindle_sim.hal
Found file(REL): ./hallib/simulated_home.hal
malloc_consolidate(): invalid chunk size
KCrash: crashing... crashRecursionCounter = 2
KCrash: Application Name = python2.7 path = /usr/bin pid = 2536
KCrash: Arguments:
/usr/bin/linuxcnc: line 896: 2536 Alarm clock $EMCDISPLAY -ini "$INIFILE" $EMCDISPLAYARGS $EXTRA_ARGS
Shutting down and cleaning up LinuxCNC...
task: 482 cycles, min=0.000110, max=0.010192, avg=0.009630, 0 latency excursions (> 10x expected cycle time of 0.010000s)
Note: Using POSIX realtime
LinuxCNC terminated with an error. You can find more information in the log:
as well as in the output of the shell command 'dmesg' and in the terminal

The output of linuxcnc_debug.txt:
Stopping realtime threads
Unloading hal components

I found nothing in dmesg related to this fault.
I have Linuxcnc 2.8.1 installed on Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)

Can anybody help me? I have no Idea.

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18 May 2021 18:32 #209376 by frequency
I solved the problem by reinstall all:
sudo apt-get purge python-dbus.mainloop.pyqt5 python-pyqt5.qtopengl python-pyqt5.qsci python-pyqt5.qtmultimedia python-pyqt5.qtquick qml-module-qtquick-controls gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad libqt5multimedia5-plugins pyqt5-dev-tools python-dev python-setuptools python-wheel python-pip git qttools5-dev qttools5-dev-tools python-wheel

pip uninstall qtpyvcp

2. Install all dependencies and qtpyvcp according to

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