Working with QtPyVCP / editvcp (list of small questions)

12 Aug 2022 21:43 #249624 by GuiHue
Hi guys,

i have started to play around with editvcp to change a few details within Probe Basic to my liking. Mostly this is about adding status information.

in the past I used glade panels and the meter object for things like spindle temperature. I have noticed that the closest thing in qtpyvcp is a halbarindicator - very well. 

Question: I would like to display a float value with two digits on the bar. Unfortunately the way the entry “format” in BarIndicatorBase works eludes me. It be default says: $value %
getting rid of the % is easy enough, but how do I get the decimals?

any help is greatly appreciated:)
thanks and all the best

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15 Aug 2022 14:32 #249787 by GuiHue
TurBoss was able to help me out by providing a patch to QtPyVCP in a new branch:

It allows a suffix and prefix to the actual value and on top gives string formating capabilities to the value

Careful, it will break the existing halbarindicator (they won't show a number any more unless you modify them)

Installation is simple enough:
checkout the branch above
run pip install -e .
Perform changes with editvcp.

Thank you!

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