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17 Mar 2023 07:55 #266891 by Guglielmi
Hi all,
I'm developing my own GUI with QT and Python and I happy with the result I reached 
I was asking myself if it's possible to design the GUI with more pages, I mean, right now I created a big TAB control so it seams what I want, but.
It's possible to add a button to switch to a complete new page? Maybe a new UI file?
With QT and C++ in my previous experiences it is obviously possible.
In reality the need could be solved differently, I will explain it:
It seems not possible to add two widgets with 3D view of gcode, in the UI, (considering 2 different tabs) leaving a third tab without.
If I try it, the last added is reduced to very small size (strange behavior).
In order to have the 3d view in all tabs I placed in main window, outside tab control.. but now I cannot have a tab without..
It's a known issue about tow widgets 3d code?
I f paging is not possible I will try to nesting 2 tab controls somehow..


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18 Mar 2023 20:45 #267030 by Lcvette
you can put tab widgets inside other tab widgets to accomplish this or use a qstackedwidget and add buttons defined in the python file to flip between the stacked widgets.  be aware that adding multiple backplotters will heavily tax the system and cause increased latency issues and slower loading of program files as each backplotter processes the file load independently.  you can look at probe basic as an example of this. it may help, it has both tab widgets and qstacked widgets and shows the python coding in the probe_basic.pyfile for configuring the qstacked widgets and buttons.
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