Who could update GUI of probe basic to 36 tools?

26 Aug 2023 20:54 #279028 by Marcodi

I am designing fully parametric design for a toolchanger based on Geneva drive ( see other post). 

What is lacking though is update of probe basic to 36 tools. Currently design is made for up to 24. Could someone with good knowledge of this update this to 36. Preferably 26-28-30-32-34-36 ( or more).

This way here on the forum one could find and a complete parametrical design based on Geneva drive and probe basic to work together. I will also write the complete guide on how to connect the designed Geneva drive to probe basic with Mesa Cards. 

I believe this would be a nice update for linuxCNC which would be easy to follow for any new or experienced user, wishing to add a toolchanger to their machine. With most parts able to machine themselves.

Thanks, hopefully someone could take the time for this.



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