Probe Basic "single block" & "feed stop" behavior

05 Apr 2024 09:17 - 05 Apr 2024 09:18 #297631 by figure_of_disguise
the behavior of "single block" & "feed stop" is not what you expect when running a cnc-machine!

I will explain you how it works on Sinumerik, Fanuc, Mazatol....etc

"single block" is just a switch:
- when you activate it, the actual running g-code block will be completed and program cycle stops.
- to run the next g-code block you have to press "cycle start".

- when you deactivate "single block" just press "cycle start" and program runs continuously again.

"feed stop" is just a switch too:
- when you press it all moving axis have to stop moving immediately.

- to continue the program cycle just press "cycle start" again.

So don't mix them, because they are totally different functions!
Maybe someone is able to fix that issue, because it's a little bit dangerous handling the machine.


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05 Apr 2024 19:28 #297663 by spumco
The differences you noticed between 'standard' single-block and feed hold in Fanuc, Siemens, etc, and LinuxCNC are not limited to the Probe Basic screen/GUI. The two functions are part of LinuxCNC, not just the GUI program.

Changing the behavior to match typical industrial control behavior would take a significant effort in some of the deep-backstage LCNC code.  This has been discussed many times on the forum, but I don't think there's anyone in a position to re-write the code who is interested in making the effort to change things.

There are some workarounds available:

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