Basic_Probe expected behavior?

31 Jan 2023 05:57 #263300 by RRcnc
Hey guys me again,

I have a fresh install of Debian10  linuxcnc 2.9.410 . Running QTdragon_hd. I've read the qtdragon manual multiple times but i'm still uncertain as to what the expected behavior of some basic_probe features. 

I have noticed that my toolsetter says that the function has finished successfully but does not return any value or any kind. It is of my understanding that it should measure the tool and compare it to something and return a value from that comparison. Nothing gets added to the tool table. I've told it how high the toolsetter was and entered all the values it needs to do the dance but I'm not getting anything in return. 
I'm pretty sure that when using the tool pad function on my router that it returned a tool length value. I would check but I "borrowed" its card to put on this mill. 

Is this normal? Operator error? Maybe i broke something. Perhaps more things to edit in the macros? If you could please point me in the right area to figure it out. Thanks.

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14 Mar 2023 00:22 #266618 by tommylight
Found this in the deleted stuff, could not verify who or why, so i restored it.
If anyone knows why it was deleted, please let us know so we can delete it again.
Thank you.

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