What's the best way to override the facing.py utility?

11 Apr 2024 21:06 #298029 by itsgudenuf
I'm using qtdragon_hd RIP and I'd like to override the facing.py utility found in linuxcnc-dev/lib/python/qtvcp/lib/gcode_utility/ so the utility will only perform climb milling when doing a facing operation.

Of course, I'd like to keep things "upgrade safe" so that's why I'm not just dropping in my on facing.py in the source tree.


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11 Apr 2024 23:08 #298032 by cmorley
# put/rename the file in YOUR CONFIGFOLDER/qtvcp/screens/qtdragon_hd/qtdragon_hd_handler.py

import sys
import importlib

from qtvcp.lib.qt_ngcgui.ngcgui import NgcGui
from qtvcp.lib.auto_height.auto_height import Auto_Measure
from qtvcp.core import Path, Action

PATH = Path()
ACTION = Action()

# get reference to original handler file so we can subclass it
sys.path.insert(0, PATH.SCREENDIR)
module = "{}.{}_handler".format(PATH.BASEPATH,PATH.BASEPATH)
mod = importlib.import_module(module, PATH.SCREENDIR)
HandlerClass = mod.HandlerClass

# return our subclassed handler object
def get_handlers(halcomp, widgets, paths):
    return [UserHandlerClass(halcomp, widgets, paths)]

class UserHandlerClass(HandlerClass):
    print('\nCustom subclassed handler for custom facing utility - loaded\n')

    def init_utils(self):
        from qtvcp.lib.gcode_utility.facing import Facing          # <<<< modify this
        self.facing = Facing()

        from qtvcp.lib.gcode_utility.hole_circle import Hole_Circle
        self.hole_circle = Hole_Circle()

            from qtvcp.lib.gcode_utility.hole_enlarge import Hole_Enlarge
            self.hole_enlarge = Hole_Enlarge()
            ACTION.ADD_WIDGET_TO_TAB(self.w.tabWidget_utilities,self.hole_enlarge, 'Hole Enlarge')
        except Exception as e:
            print("Utility hole enlarge unavailable: {}".format(e))

        #LOG.info("Using NGCGUI utility")
        self.ngcgui = NgcGui()

        self.auto_measure = Auto_Measure(self.w)

Try this.
save it here on your system:  CONFIGFOLDER/qtvcp/screens/qtdragon_hd/qtdragon_hd_handler.py
Then change the one line I marked to load your new facing program.

from qtvcp.lib.gcode_utility.facing2 import Facing 

I assume it's basically the same. Make sure it's in the path stated above and change the import line/program to suit the name.

Is your version suitable for integration into linuxcnc?

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12 Apr 2024 00:48 #298039 by itsgudenuf
Thanks Chris.

I'll give this a try as soon as I get back into town.

Yes, I hope my version will be suitable for integration. Once it's adequately tested I'll be sure to share it for integration.
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19 Apr 2024 13:59 #298617 by itsgudenuf
It took a little of extra time to get things working like I wanted.  I've now got a side to side climb only facing routine, along with an always climb milling path moving inward.

I modified your suggested qtdragon_hd_handler.py to work with other customizations you've suggested in other posts.  I don't like how I hard coded the path to the face.py file but it works for now.

If you think the additional facing routines could be helpful to others, I'll make a PR on Github.

For anyone who might want to try this with an RIP installation, here's what needs to happen:
  • copy the new images to linuxcnc-dev/share/qtvcp/images/gcode_utility/
  • mkdir <CONFIGDIR>/qtvcp/lib/gcode_utility/  and copy face.py and face.ui
  • adjust qtdragon_hd_handler.py as appropriate

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