Bridgeport Boss 5 Retrofit.

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It uses the nut on the bottom of the spindle to lock the tool. I like the fact that it has the through hole as I could use a drawbar if I needed to or wanted to. It is good to have options
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eman50h, I know linuxCNC isn't the best place for the info, but do you happen to have schematics of how you modified your power supply, or a write-up in a different forum? I just started tearing into my machine and I'd really like to know which transformers and caps to keep, what your stepper voltage was, if you use just 1-4 for each of the motors to your Geckos, etc. I don't need step-by-step (though that would be awesome if it's out there somewhere) but knowing I'm on the right track would be great. I've spend hours searching and it seems, so far, the power supply is hard to find info on.

Thanks in advance!
19 Feb 2017 20:53 - 19 Feb 2017 21:10 #88297 by eman5oh
Replied by eman5oh on topic Bridgeport Boss 5 Retrofit.
Here is a link to some info that will help you, when I did the conversion I planned to do a proper write up for it but have been too busy and never got to it. Below are a couple pics of what I ended up with for the power supply. I get about 65 volts to the motors and that is good for a reliable 100 IPM on my machine. These machine with the stock steppers will not perform well if you turn up acceleration but do work good enough for a home machine shop.

Edit, I added the pics and wiring info that I have to photo album linked on the first page of the post.
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