Convert Fusion360 Tool Library to LinuxCNC Tool Table

06 Jan 2017 06:49 #85326 by ntc490
Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I recently wrote a Python script that creates a LinuxCNC Tool Table based off your Fusion360 Tool Library. You just export your Library from Fusion360 and run this script on it to generate your new Tool Table. Hopefully it helps someone else.
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06 Jan 2017 11:06 #85331 by andypugh
Could be handy, indeed.
I sometimes find myself wanting to go the other way, clear out all the stuff in Fusion that I don't have and show only my actual tools with the right numbers.
06 Jan 2017 12:47 #85334 by racedirector
Awesome, thanks NTC!
24 Nov 2017 19:26 - 24 Nov 2017 19:28 #102309 by CrashCNC
This script seems to be awesome.

I'm a noob to linux.

I understand how to run python code, but do not understand "run this script on it". Can you elaborate or point me to a link for reading up on the topic?

I seem to be getting a message that is:

"import error: no module named docopt"

I am running the install of linux that comes packaged with LinuxCNC 2.7
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24 Nov 2017 19:41 #102313 by andypugh
docopt seems to be a library for parsing command-line arguments.

If you go to Settings->Synaptic Package Manager and search for "docopt" you will find python-docopt. That should fix the problem.
Or you could alter the script to use sys and sys.argv. Or, on fact, for a one-off, just edit the script to hard-coded values.
25 Nov 2017 12:23 #102333 by Jake
This could be handy Thanks!
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