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29 Mar 2017 17:04 #90512 by Mech john
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I wanted a 4th axis but didn't want a new mortgage. Solution - make one. Took a bit of time and lots of help from good friends ( thanks Karl and Rene). Shown is the result. 5 microns deviation across the tilting axis unclamped, pretty happy with that. Tilt angle is set and locked. Drive unit is harmonic drive connected to servo motor all internal sourced surplus. Design is based on old Hauser unit but scaled down. Weight 22kg. Will be used mainly for small parts so should be good. Cheers!

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29 Mar 2017 17:40 #90514 by tommylight
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That is nice!
29 Mar 2017 18:23 #90517 by Mech john
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Thanks! Mostly made with linuxcnc :-) on my fs3mg then carefully finished by hand. Material is C45 steel, high speed trochoidial cutting, no coolant. All parts measured on surface plate and fitted with moulding compound and gauge blocks where necessary. That is how we got the desired accuracy. Next step is to learn how to use it with lcnc and make some parts!
30 Mar 2017 15:00 #90567 by andypugh
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I am about to do much the same myself, though I am starting with one of the FHA units which have the servo motor built-in and a nice crossed-roller bearing to take the load.

I am going to have a casting made for the body (no tilting capability)

One thing I am doing, which you might want to consider, is making a D1-4 nose for it, so that all my lathe chucks, collets, etc can be attached easily (and parts can be moved across without even being unmounted from the chuck)
30 Mar 2017 19:51 #90602 by Mech john
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Hi Andy,
a casting is for sure a very good start. My drive unit came from a robot, I will let you know how well it works after I have played with it. As my parts are usually small I considered it useful and feasible to add the tilt axis. I would be very interested to see pictures and hear your ideas for the D1-4 nose. This was also my intention but so far I have not had the chance to tackle that task!

cheers, MJ
31 Mar 2017 11:32 #90636 by andypugh
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I have a 3D model of the D1-4 nose (and D1-5) if they are any use to you. Dimensioned from the ISO standard document.
01 Apr 2017 10:42 #90686 by james-mech
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Yes, very useful, thanks. I send you mail or a message, cheers!
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