Nema 23', Spindle index with electronic control

30 Mar 2017 05:44 #90547 by Sjdc1982
So far so good... But a thank you to myfordboy over in the UK, who sent me a raw casting and videos showing how.

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09 Apr 2017 01:11 #91064 by tommylight
Nice, i need to make a bigger one that can be used as a spindle also, but completly controlled by Linuxcnc.
To many projects, not enough time.
10 Apr 2017 16:40 #91131 by Sjdc1982
Truth be told that is my plan lol. A C5 to 5" chuck plate...
Would be more for drilling indexed holes for u-joints of leveling heads and such than a 4th axis though.
Not sure it if would be useful or rigid enough to use for milling complex features, maybe flats...
10 Apr 2017 17:24 #91133 by tommylight
I plan on using a brake for it so when stationary it would be firm. I have 2 disk brakes from a 1000cc Kawasaki that i dismantled a while back, should do the job nicely.
10 Apr 2017 18:08 #91134 by Sjdc1982
fyi i'm stealing your idea, didn't think about that. Setup a pneumatic switch on the brake... sweet
I got an extra pair of MTB disc brakes i got for a few dollars way back. :)
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10 Apr 2017 20:49 #91145 by tommylight
Feel free, i doubt it is my idea, i can bet my life someone else had that idea before me, just did not bother to check it. From experience of a million ideas in my life time, maybe i can say 10 where original ones, and those where not life changing.
I have a weird gift of thinking how to use things for purposes they where not made, like using 2 satellite dish motors for a motorcycle lift instead of hydraulic jacks, or using car wheel bearings for a heavy duty spindle ( car wheel bearing with holder 20 euros, spindle bearing 800, still working after 2 years of heavy use by a friend of mine ).
13 Apr 2017 13:47 - 13 Apr 2017 13:49 #91308 by andypugh
For info, I am about to order a batch of castings to hold a Harmonic Drive FHA-25B servo unit.

I can add more to the order, but postage outside of the EU will be expensive. Two are already going to Germany.
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