MILL - 3DPrinter - Laser Engraver/Cutter

25 May 2017 15:49 #93622 by dewayne
Hello All,
This is the machine I have been working on.

In a single Machine it was working area of X=1500, Y1000, Z800
The Center Section is the Laser Cutter that has its own removable Table. On Top of the Laser section is the milling/router table, which the bed is removable.

Rmovine the Upper and Lower bed allows the Milling head to go all the way to the Bottom of the machine allowing for a clear 800mm z-Cutting

On the very bottom of the table NOT SHOWN yet is a Moving table, this table will have a total movement of 6 Meters for cutting sheets for Boat hulls

The Machine is being designed to do the Following

1- Laser
2- Milling/Routing
3- 3DPrinting with Max of 5 Heads
4- Handle Long pieces upto 6Meter
5- Fast High Build 3DBrinting with a Pellet Feed custom Printer Head the process goes like this
--Back Mill and or Recover error
--3dPrint with BC Head Diagonal Carbon Fiber
--Laser Mark / Cut
-- Final Milling
This is my Prototype Machine for Building an ALL-IN-One machine to 3DPrint a Sailing Catamaran here in Vietnam where I live and Work,

All the Functional parts work now, ned to tie them all together, and this is where I hope I can win with LinuxCNC.

Special Thanks to all of you that help me go through the Learning process, Wanted to share with you some quick videos of my machine

Again Thankyou to all of you

My Day Job or Night Job

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