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28 Jun 2017 22:44 - 28 Jun 2017 22:45 #95154 by Grotius
Last week i added a special endless rotating cutting head to my plasma cnc machine. It's working quite good.
This sample is 10mm steel. Cutting speed 500mm/min. Cut angle is 45 degree.
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29 Jun 2017 08:03 #95158 by rodw
Thats very impressive. can you share some photos and more details on how you've done that on your machine for us plasmaholics?
29 Jun 2017 15:47 #95179 by Grotius
Dear Rodw,

This is the first prototype setup of the tangential plasma torch.

This is a very special technique, because the nozzle pad is always the same. If you have a robotic machine you nozzle pad is always different. So try to understand the benefit's of this tangential type of cutting.

All my prototype product's are starting like this. Make some simple connections, make some simple steel work. And look what can be better, My advise is : always design with standard parts. So cost's can be low.

This is based on a Hypertherm Duramax Robotic torch. It was about 500 Dollar and i demolished it. HIHI. Nice to do some reverse engineering.

Now i have made some update's to the housing and have to do it i think 3 times over to make a good one that is ready for consumption. I also added a second motor for automatic program 0-60 degrees of the plasma torch. Then you can switch during
cutting program to different angle's automaticly.

It is using a sheetcam tangential module for programming the dxf drawing automaticly.
In the postprocessor you have to do some work. After that is done and tested several times, it moves like you want.

It has a trick in speeding up the rotationg angle in G-code. Otherwise is moves to slowly in corners. Now it rotating like a helicopter during the g-gode process. Just what we want.
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29 Jun 2017 22:21 #95194 by rodw
Thanks for the info. It would be great if you could share some more info and some clearer photos in the plasma and laser section of the forum. There are a few of us trying to get a good complete system going under LinuxCNC
03 Jul 2017 23:04 #95336 by Grotius
Dear Rodw,

Thank you for your suggestion to place some more info into the plasma and laser section.
I will add a new topic soon !!
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