Scratch Built 4' x 2' Plasma Table

31 Aug 2017 00:46 #98248 by HomemadeNJ
Wanted to share my latest project. I started off with linuxcnc years ago with a basic chain driven router and have been building tables more frequently as of late. Put together a 2'x2' plasma a year ago and sold it off to build a bigger table, this is what came from that.

4'x2' + of work area
Skate bearing Y carriages, linear guide X, Microcarve Z with Floating torch head built by me
Rack and pinion drive
All probotix electronics
Linuxcnc with the Toma Config
Proma THC
Everlast PowerPlasma 60s
Water pan with holding tank and software controlled return pump.

Since I only have a small one car garage everything had to be self contained. I wheel this over to the wall, plug in the 120v, 220v, my air hookup, pump the water back up into the pan and I'm ready to cut. At the end of the day I drain the water back into the barrel and wheel it back into its corner to bring my car in. Before I could even finish, I had a friend asking to take it off my hands so wanted to get some pics and post it up before its gone, I'll be working on a super low budget build next.

Quick cutout in 18ga

Running some squareness and hole quality tests

Hope you guys enjoy!
31 Aug 2017 07:49 #98266 by Clive s
Very nice smart machine. Do you have a build log anywhere?
31 Aug 2017 14:14 #98290 by HomemadeNJ
I did my best to document the build on my YouTube channel. Here is a video of one of the first test cuts prior to painting. There are several others that show the frame build, water pan build etc.

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