Pinewood Derby Cars In The 21st. Century

20 Sep 2017 03:07 #99148 by pinewoodcnc
Hello, my name is Craig. I am a toolmaker by trade. Most of my career I have been involved in aerospace pattern making. About a year ago I decided to start working on an idea I wanted to do for some time. Get kids and parents interested in modern manufacturing through pinewood derby cars and hobby cnc machines.

The scope of my tutorials right now range from setting up a 3040 router for the absolute beginner and showing setup techniques for machining. I'm adding new models all the time and working on some exciting new electronic testing equipment to help push pinewood derby racing into the 21st century.

My latest collection is a van collection made on my retrofit gear head mill. I exclusively push LinuxCNC as I feel it's the best PC based controller out there(I've used them all and it is). Please feel free to leave any questions of comments and requests on my contacts page. You can help support my efforts in teaching CNC and LinuxCNC by liking and subscribing to my YouTube channel and FaceBook Page and sharing with your friends. Thanks


Here are a few fun videos.

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20 Sep 2017 12:44 #99160 by grump
Cool. I have liked and subscribed, will get a proper look later.
This has reminded of an old friendship, a guy approached me when I had a plastic fabrication business.
He was president of a model club, these people were nutters they used to build models of old racing cars and race them to smash them up on a scale racing track.
I made formers for them and vac formed body shells, they kept me busy until the guy died and the club folded.
Following your progress, good luck.

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20 Sep 2017 15:57 #99167 by pinewoodcnc
Thanks Grump
I've always enjoyed making PWD models since I was a kid. Now my own kids enjoy working out in the shop on PWD cars, the cool thing is there are several pro leagues that you can proxy race every month and they live stream it over the net.

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