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09 Nov 2018 23:24 #120362 by tommylight
I was not sure where to or how to put this but here it goes:
on several occasions it has been mentioned that the front page lacks actual machines on the showcases part and the last one dates at 2016 if i remember correctly, but there is an abundance of work logs and pictures and videos of machines in here. Could someone please select a few and post them there? I could do that easily but i doubt anyone will just hand over the credentials to do that.
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10 Nov 2018 04:38 #120374 by cmorley
I vote we give Tom the rights to do that :)

Chris M
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10 Nov 2018 10:41 #120381 by rodw
First time I've not seen Tommylight hit the thank you button :)
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10 Nov 2018 15:37 #120394 by tommylight

rodw wrote: First time I've not seen Tommylight hit the thank you button :)

To scared !!! Chikind out !!! :)
Thank you all.
Just thinking on ways to get more reach for Linuxcnc. Also, jsut a stab in the dark, but, can we make a facebook and instagram page that we could post stuff ........just checked instagram, there are "#linuxcnc", "linuxcnc", "linuxcncretrofit", "Linuxcnc LAB" and i added "linuxcnc64". The misery of it is, the first one has 1063 posts and the retrofit one has 3, others have no posts!!! Who owns all those accounts ?
If anyone has the sudden urge to do something about it, i will gladly email credentials. I am pretty good at this but i do not like doing it, so please do volunteer.
Facebook hates me, i can not even register ! I do not blame them, i hate facebook for everything, but i do love it for advertising!
13 Nov 2018 13:42 #120538 by andypugh
I posted a newer one in May.

Anyone can make a pull-request at:
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