Manual tool change + tool lengh touch off

27 Nov 2010 13:27 #5662 by andypugh
I am afraid I am completely out my depth here, as I have never done any probing.

I might get the chance to experiment later, but I have a lot of other things to do.

It is probably worth taking this query to the emc2 mailing list, as developer coverage is better there.

From the docs it really does look like you should be able to do a fast G38.2 onto the switch and then a slow g38.5 off of it. If that is not working then I suspect there might be a bug that needs squashing.
27 Nov 2010 14:28 - 27 Nov 2010 14:40 #5663 by axel88
I found the reason for this error with the hal-meter:

If the "probe-switch" is open I've a clear FALSE if the switch is closed it toggles between FALSE and TRUE even if I press the switch so that I'm sure he's not at the break over point. And also with a second switch. I've already send the signal through an low-pass filter so I'm 99% sure that hardware couldn't be the reason.

Any Ideas?
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27 Nov 2010 14:55 #5664 by andypugh
It could be electrical noise. Exactly how is the switch wired, and to what?

What does the probe signal look like in Halscope?
If you are in the axis UI then it is Machine -> Halscope.
27 Nov 2010 15:10 #5665 by axel88

I can't imagine that it's electrical noise, because in this picture my power stage is not enabled and i build an RC lowpass with 1kHz corner frequency. This signal is about 3kHz. And why is there no electrical noise if the switch is open?
27 Nov 2010 15:38 - 27 Nov 2010 15:39 #5666 by axel88
Ok i found the reason, my paralell-port has internel pullups, so if my switch was closed there was a current backwards through my lowpass causing 1,8V drop, an thats no clear signal.

EDIT: G38.5 works fine
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27 Nov 2010 15:57 - 27 Nov 2010 16:17 #5667 by axel88
How can I set the direction of G38.5 Z0 f15?

EDIT: Ok found it
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27 Nov 2010 16:07 #5668 by andypugh
You could probably remove the lowpass and use the "debounce" function in HAL.

I think that probe moves towards the indicated position. You might need a G53 on the same line as the probe command.
27 Nov 2010 20:37 #5669 by axel88
Where do I have to add the debounce command and which are the right parameters for
"" ?
27 Nov 2010 20:56 #5670 by andypugh
debounce needs to be added to the hal file. The process is much the same for any HAL component.

1) load the component:
loadrt debounce cfg=1
This loads a 1 channel debounce called debounce.0

2) Make the debounce function run in the base thread:
addf debounce.0 base-thread

3) set the debounce time:
setp debounce.0.delay  10

4) put the debounce between the parport and the probe input
net probe-raw =>
net probe-filtered debounce.0.0.out => motion.probe-input
27 Nov 2010 21:03 - 27 Nov 2010 21:43 #5671 by axel88
I had to change the last comands to:

setp debounce.0.delay 10
net probe-raw =>
net probe-in <= debounce.0.0.out

otherwise I got errors. I hope the function is the same?
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