Kinematics... again:/

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Boogie wrote: Guys am I reading robokins description in the right way?

To be honest, I wouldn't take the descriptions in robokins too literally. It was modified by Visteurs from Scarakins, and it is possible that he only modified the equations for his own one-off machine, and didn't change the description.

You will need to look at the mathematics to see if that matches your machine, and then alter it if it doesn't.
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Andy this is sooo game changing information:/ ok, so back to study of robokins.c...
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Parallelogram: not so hard to do .... but on scara robot i think is under patent (for sure in certain country...non in all world).

About robokins: i read only the attachment on andy 1th or 2th post, so I understand the kins was write by Andy. And Not understand that you would reply somethins of similar and not reply the same.

Any how In your case tool tip have a Dy on Y axis from J3 centerline and a Dx on X axis, but working on Z axis. So some calculation on kins you need for. If you use J4 or not, because tooltip have Dy and Dx. It seems to put D3 = 0 (so not Dx) and so all J1 and J2 and j3 work on same 2d plane. At these point you need a Dy only or in real world tool tips leght & Dy. As I see (reading now 2th time robokins) inverse and foward kins have no calc for these.... because it's simply scarakins modified for J0/x linear axis as I see.

So your study is concerned only z/y axis because D3=0. A triangle + rotation because J3 can rotate.

I'm not good at all, but I suggest you this:
Do we make a race to the one who solves it before?

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