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01 Mar 2017 21:24 #88847 by tuffduck33
That makes me feel better. Where do we start?
02 Mar 2017 00:18 #88853 by tuffduck33
Is there a way I can send you the files I have?
02 Mar 2017 00:35 #88854 by andypugh
Just attach the HAL and INI to a message here.

You said you could jog one axis, if I understand correctly?
02 Mar 2017 01:28 #88857 by tuffduck33
I can jog all three axis. Cannot home or run a program. It only works when the charge pump is off.
02 Mar 2017 13:13 #88870 by andypugh
To start with the charge-pump:
I think you should have a PWM on the correct pin, but to check.

First open a terminal and clear the dmesg log
sudo dmesg -c
Now start linuxcnc from the GUI.
Then clear the terminal (or open a new one) and type
halcmd show pin
halcmd show param
Copy and paste all that output to text file, and attach that to a message here.
02 Mar 2017 20:43 #88898 by tuffduck33
Hello, here is what showed on the screen.
02 Mar 2017 22:36 #88902 by andypugh
Unfortunately the output of dmesg and the first part of "show pin" has disappeared (probably off the top)
Perhaps do them one at a time.

However, we probably have enough info to activate the charge pump. It needs to be 10 kHz and 50% duty cycle, to add the following to your HAL file (probably at the bottom)
# G540 Charge Pump
setp  hm2_7i92.0.pwmgen.00.value 0.5
setp hm2_7i92.0.pwmgen.pwm_frequency 10000
net emcmot.00.enable => hm2_7i92.0.pwmgen.00.enable

That should get the charge pump working.

Does that make sense? It is worth mentioning that emcmot.00.enable is a signal defined earlier in the HAL file, and a) Could be called anything, as long as it has the same name everywhere it is used (and I don't like that name as it looks too much like a "system" name, and it isn't. and b) In modern Linuxcnc the "newsig" command is not needed.
03 Mar 2017 00:05 - 03 Mar 2017 00:05 #88905 by PCW
The pwmgen is used for the spindle analog output on the G540
The chargepump is fed by a stepgen (stepgen 4 on the first connector)

You can get a clean pin-out of your current config with:

mesaflash --device 7i92 --readhmid

(with the default IP address)

if your 7I92M is set for IP address you would need:

mesaflash --device 7i92 --addr --readhmid
Last Edit: 03 Mar 2017 00:05 by PCW.
03 Mar 2017 00:06 #88906 by andypugh

PCW wrote: The pwmgen is used for the spindle analog output on the G540
The chargepump is fed by a stepgen (stepgen 4 on the first connector)

In that case, ignore most of what I just typed. :-)
03 Mar 2017 00:13 #88907 by tuffduck33
Charge pump still a no go. I redid the terminal commands singly and attached the results. I was sent a newer hal and ini from Mesa and have attached them as well.
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