Stepper+Encoder :How to Stop Exec on Missed Steps?

25 Jan 2010 19:53 - 25 Jan 2010 19:58 #1634 by joprinz
Hello Everyone,

I'm Joe. I'm kinda new here :)

I'm working on a CNC Router in my free time. I have read many posts about using an Encoder along with a Stepper motor. However I'm confused as to how to get it done. I do not intend to obtain a Closed loop Stepper Drive system (which many said is almost impossible to do - Plz correct me if I'm wrong here!). All i want is The machine to Pause/Stop Execution when the Motor stalls or misses steps. I have read it is quite possible using EMC2. I have been searching various topics and doing a lot of reading over here but I couldn't find info as to how exactly to configure it.

Hope someone can help me with the configuration steps or point me to a thread where configuring Encoders with Steppers is discussed.

Thank You!

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27 Jan 2010 00:15 #1641 by BigJohnT
Hi Joe,

There is some info on the wiki site on steppers with encoders.

I think you would have to close the loop to stop with a following error from a stalled stepper.


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