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23 Feb 2010 00:13 #2007 by Pentax
Tool Table edit G41 was created by Pentax
Ok, so having solved 2 out of 2 issues in this forum, I'm optimistic about this one as well, thanks again for all your help John and Peter. The machine made its first run of parts last week and now I can think about a more permanent consolidation of its features. The thing works great, this software is awesome, and I'm really impressed with the MESA boards.

The current issue is tool table. The machine homes well, and now I'm working on installing stuff to make it friendly to an industrial environment.

Tool table. First issue, I'm not able to edit it from the GUI, i have to hunt it down in the config folder. Why would it not be editable under the file menu of axis?

Second issue, and more importantly. TO make this machine truly friendly to industrial conditions, i would like to use the mouse as little as possible. How can I make a button bring up the tool table? I've discovered using outside devices on GPIO pins using halui, but I'm clueless how to make it do a tool table command... I'm designing a panel that will house a master pwr sw, e-stop, tool table, and cycle start stop. Its all completed minus the tool table....


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23 Feb 2010 00:43 #2010 by BigJohnT
Replied by BigJohnT on topic Re:Tool Table edit G41
In the upcoming version 2.4 the tool table can be edited from the File menu.


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