Automatic Homing after Toolchange

24 Feb 2010 23:49 #2051 by daniel79

Im using EMC2 now for two weeks and I really like it. I use it mostly for milling and drilling PCBs with my selfbuild CNC mill.

And here comes my problem:

For drilling my PCBs i have to change the drill-bits quite often. Unfortunately my bits have no stop-ring (don't know the right word, hope you understand) So every drill-bit has a different unknown Z-Offset.

And here comes my idea:

Everytime EMC gets a change tool instruction the following is done:

- go to a specific position XYZ
- wait for user toolchange
- z go down until a button is pushed by the end of the drillbit
- calcuate the new Z Offset
- continue the programm

Is this possible in any was?


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25 Feb 2010 15:40 #2061 by tenaja
I am certain it is possible... however, wouldn't it be less time consuming to just make a fixture for setting the depth of your drills? (Or loosely insert them into the holder in the mill, go to "0", then tighten the drill.)

Alternatively, you could measure the extension of each drill with a caliper and edit your tool file accordingly.

I mostly suggest these alternatives because I know how slow the typical rapid speeds are. The fixture will be the fastest way in the long run, if you repeatedly set up new drills. The second method is great for low volume, and the third way is kind of an in-between compromise.

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