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05 Mar 2010 10:04 #2191 by gbowne1
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I am going to be running EMC2 on my milling machine. It's a very custom build as far as the machine goes.

Machine has a ABEC7 spindle carrying a CAT40 taper and runs up to 8,400-8,600RPM.and utilizes a Spindle Servo. I originally planned for a NEMA34 spindle servo motor. It's gone through a couple iterations of where I had either a belt drive or a geared head.

It has three (3) axes/axis + 4th being a rotary table. I would not use the 5th Axis.

The machines table is 56" from left to right and it is13.25" from front to back and is at least 1.75" to 2.25" thick and includes T-Slots that are a tad bigger than the standard 5/8" ones you see on Bridgeport milling machines. I have a tooling plate on the table that has 1/2-20 and 5/8-11 and a few dowel pin holes. My limit switches are 33.625" apart. Ball screws are Nook & Rockford Ballscrew. Linear guidance is done by THK SHS and HSR. purchased from ebay.

As far as my experiece goes, I have built a FANUC Series 15 CNC control from parts I purchased on eBay. It runs from MasterCAM & OneCNC.
I do all my drawings in AutoCAD 2009 and save all drawings in both DWG and DXF.

I would like to pick an off the shelf servo drive, servo controller, servo amplifier and servo power supply from eBay, I am considering Parker Compumotor, Mitsubishi MRJ2 or MRJ3, Yaskawa SGD or SGM type or maybe an Allen Bradly 1771, 1388 or 1391/1394/1398 or an indramat. I admit I almost had bought a FANUC A06B-6066-H type amplifier because I've been used to FANUC.

I am builing my operator HMI panel and machine control panel. I especially need standard cnc mill/vmc operator controls like cycle /stop/start, jog, mpg, coolant on/off/auto, spindle jog/cw,ccw,auto, home, e-stop, feed hold, etc

Anyone have any suggestions on which drive/controller/amp to purchase out of the ones on ebay business and industrial? I have about $3,600 to spend on servos and controls. Servos will all be AC.

Thanks in advance.

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