xhc-hb04 basic setup in 2.8

04 Mar 2017 04:16 - 04 Mar 2017 04:19 #88980 by bevins
bevins created the topic: xhc-hb04 basic setup in 2.8
I just spent some time chasing my tail trying to figure out why I couldnt get the xhc-hb04 working using some existing threads and examples as reference. Come to find out they changed the halui scheme in 2.8 because of the Joint Axes stuff. Well, I thought I would upload my config that works with the 18 button xhc-hb04 with Linuxcnc 2.8pre.

Because the forum restricts file extensions remove the .txt on the end of the cfg file.

Put the two files in your config dir.

This gets you a basic xhc-hb04 working with not all buttons. just the home all, go to 0 for X and Y
The step button works with the xyz switch and lcd screen ABS and rel dro's.

You need to add the loadusr line in your hal file or you can put it in the xhc hal file.
loadusr -W xhc-hb04 -H -I xhc-hb04-cfg -s 3

In your ini file ad these lines under the appropriate sections, re: [HAL]

HALFILE = xhc-hb04.hal

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04 Mar 2017 13:49 - 05 Mar 2017 00:18 #88988 by dgarrett
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Users of master branch (2.8.0~pre1) would be well-advised
to read the documents on updating:

For example, updates for wheel jog pins are described:

halui jog pin changes are described:

Beware that wiki information on the xhc-hb04 (and many other
topics) is unreliable.

While no one takes responsibility for updating or
maintaining the wiki, developers do try to maintain the
'updating' docs listed above. These documents may change
often during the course of master(2.8.0~pre1) development.

With respect to the xhc-hb04, both 2.7 and master have
simulation configs that require no special hardware besides
an xhc-hb04. Theseconfigs are availble using the config picker:

Sample Configurations/sim/axis/xhc-hb04

or direcly in the source tree at:

The sim configs directory includes a README with some information on adapting
to other configurations:


The xhc-hb04 sim configs use scripts for configuration.
These are not mandatory buy may aid in testing or
configuring the device since no other hardware is needed
with a simulation configuration.

The scripts use a custom hal component that incorporates
low-pass filtering and access to other scripts that 1)
monitor disconnections of the device and 2) provide a means
to lower accelerations for jog moves which may be helpful on
large machines with high accelerations.
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05 Mar 2017 12:45 #89037 by bevins
bevins replied the topic: xhc-hb04 basic setup in 2.8
Thanks dgarret. Thats a great writeup. That is what is needed.

The scripts I find for a newbie is very difficult to grasp.

There is a thread someone was trying to figure out the xhc-hb04 with the exact same symptoms I was getting. It went on for a while and then someone helped him offline and he came back and said someone helped him and didn't explain what was done.
I am pretty sure it was because what was changed in 2.8pre. Your post is the first I seen it explained and can be a great time saver for someone new to Linuxcnc.

Andy help me figure it out. Thats why I posted my basic configs, to help somone having trouble with 2.8 and the xhc-hb04.
31 Mar 2017 22:48 #90670 by lamandesigns
lamandesigns replied the topic: xhc-hb04 basic setup in 2.8
This was great! I used that and copied the configuration to my setup. It works like a charm! Cheers!
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