Error when booting LinuxCNC

20 Apr 2017 21:07 #91723 by jstoquica
Good Day,

I am bored with the next screen error:

I am using real robotic manipulator with LinuxCNC 2.5.4, and ubuntu 10.04. Suddenly all system error. I rebooted, but it didn't work, doesn't boot....

How can I do with minimal loser information?

Thanks a lot.

20 Apr 2017 23:14 #91731 by tommylight
Does it stop there?
That is early in the boot process, so the hard drive is failing, most probably.
To get the data from it, you have to boot from CD or DVD or USB with linux in it, find the user folder on the failing hdd and copy the Linuxcnc folder that contains the config data.
If you have comp files, copy them too.
That is the easy way, the hard way would be to test the drive and try to fix the existing installation, but if the hdd is failing, there is no use from that.
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21 Apr 2017 11:46 #91772 by andypugh
It is vaguely possible that the HD is 100% full. Linux seems to cope badly with that.
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21 Apr 2017 13:24 #91782 by jstoquica
andypugh and tommylight,

Thanks a lot for yours replies.

Was it error from Linux Ubuntu OS? I will test from HD directly. I still hope HD works...

I will write then.

27 Apr 2017 21:27 #92238 by jstoquica

In fact, the error was in HD, but HD wasn't fully. Was error generated from Linux Ubuntu or LinuxCNC or ....?

I did copy of entire HD trough command line to new HD.

Thanks for answer.

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