Loadmeters, spindle and servos ????

20 Dec 2017 18:35 - 20 Dec 2017 18:46 #103396 by Jake
I am wanting to get my Hurco to run a bit faster, especially with trying to run aluminum dry. I need to setup the spindle and servo load meters. They are an analog signal from the devices 0-10 volt. I know I will have to convert the analog signal back to a digital signal for my PPMC. I though Jon had told me it can handle 10bits, so I was going to find a converter that can at least handle that. I am torn on using it as a real-time component as its not required for motion, just a tool that can aid in me pushing the machine a bit closer to the limits and reduce the instances of going to far.

www.linear.com/product/LTC1856 this should be an easy converter to use.

What do yall think? this is a rough idea at the moment.


I was thinking about
# spindle LOAD display
addf lowpass.1 servo-thread
net spindle-load ppmc.0.din.28.delta conv-s32-float.0.in
net spindle-load conv-s32-float.0.out mult2.0.in0
setp   mult2.0.in1 1            # (0-10V)
net SpindleLOAD mult2.0.out => lowpass.1.in
setp lowpass.1.gain 1
newsig  SpindleLOAD float
linkps lowpass.1.out => SpindleLOAD


  <text>"Spindle Load:"</text>
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24 Dec 2017 01:03 #103506 by andypugh
In theory you could connect the load meter to motion.adaptive-feed. That would be neat.
26 Dec 2017 16:56 #103686 by Jake
Adaptive-feed would be neat, could have it back off when reaching the limits. Which will be real nice in running aluminum near dry conditions. I'll be happy if I can get the meters to work for now. Just be able to watch the run with my finger on the feed hold button. I should have the new shop buttoned up and machines moved in the next couple weeks. Then I will have some time to work the bugs out of the tool changer and get this project going.
02 Dec 2018 23:12 #121731 by 3D-Master
were you able to make it work?
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