Config absolute encoder with step/dir system

31 Jan 2019 18:23 #125422 by thang
I'm trying to use absolute encoder for my machine, here is my goal:
+ Getting absolute encoder data
+ Setting absolute encoder is used for homing.
+ Setting motor and absolute encoder direction
To use encoder i did:
+ Create a halcomponent to get absolute encoder data and make an output pin:
abs_pos_fb = absolute_pos_encoder + pos_offset + pos_incr
+ Connect halpin:
Hm2_5i25.0.stepgen.pos_fb <=> pos_incr
abs_pos_fb <=> motor_pos_fb
+ I take absolute encoder before power_on
+ Set homing with absolute encoder
There is a problem when i use this config:
+ after getting absolute encoder, motor_pos_fb is changed ==> generate motor_pos_cmd this will cause motor run.
If someone have exp about using absolute encoder ? Or is there anyway that i can set offset to make motor_pos_cmd =0 after get abs encoder? I found joint.x.motor_offset but i dont know how it work and this pin seem not writeable
01 Feb 2019 13:37 #125462 by andypugh
I think you need to _not_ add any offsets to the encoder output.

net pos-fb absolute_pos_encoder joint.0.motor-pos-fb

I think that all the calculations that you are doing in HAL are duplicates of calculations done in the motion module.
01 Feb 2019 17:13 #125481 by thang
Curently i'm using open loop so I can only take absolute position once time(i use estop signal to start reading serial data). And i didnt use encoder increment.

When i connected:
motor-pos-cmd => hm2_5i25.0.stepgen.0.position-cmd
(abs_pos_encoder+ pos_offset + hm2_5i25.0.stepgen.0.position-fb) => motor-pos-fb
I saw:
+ After reading encoder data,
hm2_5i25.0.stepgen.0.position-cmd changed from 0 to value = -motor-pos-fb

+ Turn power-on make f-error.

+ If there is noway to use absolute encoder with open loop, i will use step/dir system close loop like u mention, i wish i dont have to do it
01 Feb 2019 17:32 #125483 by andypugh

thang wrote: + If there is noway to use absolute encoder with open loop, i will use step/dir system close loop like u mention, i wish i dont have to do it

The way I suggested isn't closed loop, it just gives the system some information to use for homing.
02 Feb 2019 00:11 #125510 by thang
Absoluter position(without add stepgen position-fb or increment encoder) is constant. If i connect it directly to motor-pos-fb, this pin wont change.
02 Feb 2019 13:56 #125532 by dm17ry
if you add a constant to stepgen.0.position-fb before feeding it to joint.0.motor-pos-fb then i think you have to subtract the same amount from joint.0.motor-pos-cmd and then feed it to stepgen.0.position-cmd
14 Feb 2019 10:04 - 20 Feb 2019 02:07 #126440 by thang
Sorry, my pc just get fixed today. I created a simulator to show you how i configed.

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File Name: test_abs_2...2-19.hal
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File Name: abs_sim_20...-19.comp
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File Name: test_abs_2...2-19.ini
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Just need compile abs_sim.comp by halcompile then run it. The following error happen when i turn machine on (F2)

This is an update to files that use abs encoder to home, who interesting in using absolute encoder can take this to prefer
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