G30 but only for specific axis

04 Feb 2019 21:52 #125691 by Jakemestre1
Hello All, I've got a home built slant-bed lathe with a 8 position turret. The toolchanger uses an air cylinder to unlock the hirth joint and then a stepper motor(configured as an A axis) rotates the turret to the selected angle for a specific tool. Everything is working under a remapped M6 but G30 is giving me a lot of headache. I'm using the Tormach post and it puts a G30 into the code for every toolchange. If I ever forget to delete the code the toolchange never completes correctly and I get a crash. Is there a way to ONLY move the ZX axis to the G30.1 position and prevent the A axis from stalling and loosing position while the turret is still locked? Thanks.
04 Feb 2019 22:05 #125694 by Leon82
Can you edit the string for g 30 to your g 30.1 and then whenever it attempts to post g30 it will post g30.1?

04 Feb 2019 22:52 #125700 by Jakemestre1
Thanks for the idea, but I'd love to be able to set a faster toolchange position with the G30.1 and then be able to leave the code in the post processor.
04 Feb 2019 23:45 #125707 by Leon82
I'm not sure how your post is configured. I am familiar with mastercam posts and they have a post block for just about everything including tool change block. Does yours have this? You could customize it here and the g30 string would still be intact
05 Feb 2019 00:09 #125708 by Jakemestre1
Thanks Leon82, I'm using fusion360 and the tormach Pathpilot post for their lathe. I've tried disabling the G30 but I'm more interested in figuring out how to get it to work rather than how to disable it.
05 Feb 2019 00:53 #125712 by Jakemestre1
Could I remap G30 with only xz coordinate movement?
Maybe something like this:
ini file:
REMAP=G30 modalgroup=0 ngc=G30.ngc

G30 file:
O<G30> sub
(debug, G30 X Position=#5181)
(debug, G30 Z Position=#5183)
G0 X#5181
G0 Z#5183
O<G30> endsub [1]
05 Feb 2019 01:00 #125713 by Leon82
I would use a remap.

Most machines remap m6 to a macro program and contain all the g30 moves for the programmed atc position.

This way it does not rely on the cam system to output the correct code
05 Feb 2019 19:25 #125757 by Jakemestre1
I keep getting an error code that the modalgroup is incorrect. Can the 0 group not be remaped?
13 Feb 2019 17:32 #126360 by andypugh
G30 is not listed as a remappable code: linuxcnc.org/docs/2.7/html/remap/remap.h...map:remappable-codes

It does not seem like it is possible to not have G30 attempt to move your A axis

The simple answer is probably not to configure the tool turret as an axis. After all, it isn't one....

is there any feedback about turret position from the turret?

The carousel component and a velocity-mode stepgen are likely to be part of the answer.
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