Step/Dir with following error setup

13 Feb 2019 21:27 #126389 by andypugh

fungus wrote: Just for the sake of curiosity, could one build a controller solely on a HAL file, leaving INI out? .

Yes, it is perfectly possible to have a HAL-only system. I make them for testing very frequently. You can even load a custom Glade (or similar) GUI directly from a HAL file.

And I actually prefer to keep my constants in the HAL file, but that's just a personal preference.
20 Feb 2019 18:52 #126828 by fungus
Thanks Andy, that may become more useful as I dig deeper into HAL.

Sadly, this project is on halt for right now. The DG4S drives I have been using are just not right for this situation. I have fiddled with them for far too long, and it's time to move on. I am in the process of procuring some DMM PMAC servos/controllers and will be utilizing higher torque servos directly coupled to the ballscrews rather than the original belt reduction/DC servo setup.

The DYN4 drives will accept Step/Dir commands, so I can utilize the current 7i85S. I may end up closing the position loop in LinuxCNC now (I converted my Nardini Fast Trace lathe so that DMM drives were closing a velocity loop and LinuxCNC is closing the position loop).

I hate to leave a thread unfinished, but if anyone else with the same question stumbles on this, Todd provided some great examples.

Thanks everyone for the help.
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