Switching between different kinematics on-the-fly

17 Jun 2019 09:52 #137111 by andypugh

JakaP wrote: Andy, can you elaborate on input filters for G-code preprocessing a bit more? What are they, where can I find and set them?

You will probably find that your existing config is already set up to pass .jpg files through image-to-G-code, for example.

Here is an example that munges G-code:
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09 Jul 2019 23:01 - 09 Jul 2019 23:06 #138977 by jmr
Hi, sorry for the delay. I found a fuzzy drawing of the hal implementation in a stack of papers. I will try to see if it relates to my config and I really need to it in another hal file. Right now it does not make much sense for me.
My kinematic module does not do TCP rotation so it is enough that I change the offset (that should be Z offset when A=0). It is not possible to change it at once more than max allowed f-error, and until the transition is done the axis.*.f-error-max (?) is muxed to higher value which has to be as high as the max offset.
I remember there was a suprise, and there was some similar parameter related to each joint, or that was just max-vel which had to be altered for the joint in order for it not to jump too violently. I can say more when I cut the important things from the real config.
When the offset is zero it should be possible to switch the kinematics safely. With the drag knife engraving problem, zero offset would possibly mean the exact inside of the ring, other variants could be less-safe, however I believe similar hal solutions can be used for other scenarios.
If I do the switch off at Y=0 Z=0 (or generally lower than offset), the tool can (and it would, but it did not so far) hit the platform, so that needs some care.
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