Twin Spindle / Twin Turret turning center

30 Sep 2020 15:03 #184386 by andypugh

rexo wrote: Two linuxcnc is probably the way but i can't find solution how to interconnect it and sending data from one to second. The only one function i found is linuxcncrsh for commanding linuxcnc over network.

I think that this would be best done with a custom setup where the controllers toggle dedicated GPIO pins that are read/written by G-code.

So, start with a list of what each controller needs to know about the other.

For example I would dedicate a digital pin that would tell the secondary spindle to sync speed exactly with the primary one, and then make the primary spindle angle available to the secondary one to use as a target for a position PID.

But, first of all, I would suggest making it work as a single-controller XZUW machine and use it for a while. That will help to realise what you need the machine to do, and give you a grounding in how to do it.

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30 Sep 2020 20:22 #184411 by Todd Zuercher
I can also imagine a set up that combines both, with a master control and daughter, where the master could control both sides as XZUW, or enable the daughter to execute synchronized code independently.

I think the hardest and most important part would be building the nessisary custom user interface capable of interacting with the daughter control. Hasn't there been some work on remote interfaces? This would seem to be the perfect use for such development.

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