Estop Stuck W/ Pico Universal PWM Board

04 Oct 2020 01:50 #184769 by Nizsten
Been working on a build, and our setup is currently connecting to our Pico PWM board.

However, I can't get the Estop OK light to turn on. Axis is unable to toggle the estop.
Tried to bypass the estop, but not sure if it was done right. Anyone know if the Estop is supposed to be a closed or an open loop? Or anyone have a better understanding of how it all works? We don't have all the limits or switches for the estops, but any ideas of how we can get passed the Estop to turn the machine on?

Fiddled with the Hal components, but I haven't found anything to suggest it is a HAL or INI issue.

Anyone got ways we can test to see if our problem is hardware or software?

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04 Oct 2020 02:03 #184771 by OT-CNC
I don't have pico hardware but I assume it's like any E-stop circuit. You want to wire it NC (normally closed) so if a wire breaks estop triggers. Linuxcnc will not come out of software estop if it senses your estop switch input active. So if nothing is connected to your board that would most likely read as estop active.

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