LHB-04 USB pendant, can't jog with pendant MPG

12 Jun 2021 20:20 #211886 by travis036
basic machine "blog" here: forum.linuxcnc.org/show-your-stuff/40950...working-router-build
config files on GitHub, here: github.com/travis-farmer/linuxcnc

referring to config file "xhc-whb04b-6.hal", as seen here: github.com/travis-farmer/linuxcnc/blob/m...ine/xhc-whb04b-6.hal

i am running LinuxCNC v.Master (due to the way i installed, but it otherwise seems to work quite well), on Debian Buster PREEMPT-RT (i think...)
the LHB is the wired version of the WHB.

lines 33, 34, and 35 are commented out because HAL can't find "whb.stepgen.XX.maxvel". i looked in the HAL meter, and sure enough, the pin isn't there. the buttons all work, as does the numeric readout, but no stepgen pin for whb was found in HAL meter. not sure what to replace it with...

lines 40, 41, and 42 are commented for basically the same reason as above.
what do i need for HAL pins to connect the pendant MPG so i can manually jog?

i had this pendant working on another machine computer, but that computer had sadly passed on (HD failure, IIRC) and i don't think i can pull the old config files. so i know the pendant works with LCNC 2.9 branch.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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12 Jun 2021 21:01 - 12 Jun 2021 21:07 #211890 by alkabal

This pin does not exist (and is useless) with the included driver from 2.8 and master so the good exemple hal file is here :


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