Servo Tuning for Torque Mode Servo Motors and LinuxCNC (seeking help for)

27 Jun 2021 21:06 - 27 Jun 2021 23:13 #213050 by randypetersen
So I have found these resources:
PWM Servo Amplifiers

Servo Tuning Tutorial

tommylight's nice tutorial here:
but that's more velocity servo focused right? 

PCW's mini guide:

A _very_ rough guide is this (for a single PID loop/Axis)
Start with FF1=0 and FF2 = 0 and I=0

Chose a small amount of P (say 50 = full torque with 1/5" error)
Then increase D until it gets too "buzzy" and then back off about 30% on D
Then increase P until you get oscillations and again back off about 30%
Then adjust FF2 so that you neither overshoot or undershoot during
acceleration (the FF2 setting is inertia dependent so its better to do this with a typical table load)
Finally increase I until motion becomes unstable (Watch out for WIDE oscillations here)and back off about 50%

Video of my attempting performance tuning:

So I was hoping to get some input from you guys and/or resources on servo performance tuning with motors in TORQUE mode.

Thanks for any input!
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29 Jun 2021 21:27 #213272 by andypugh
I would say that the P-gain looks a little high, there seems to be some oscillation.

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