steplen, stepspace, dirsetup, and/or dirhold

18 Nov 2010 04:12 - 18 Nov 2010 04:18 #5390 by danniansolutions
Hi all,

Thanks to everyone for their past posts, I've learned tons from them. However, there is a question for which I could not find the answer.

In the tweaking software step generation section of the wiki I found this:

The problem with the G202 is the 20uS hold time requirement. That plus the 11uS latency is what forces us to use a slow 31uS period. But the EMC2 software step generator has some parameters that let you increase the various time from one period to several. For example, if steplen is changed from 1 to 2, then it there will be two periods between the beginning and end of the step pulse. Likewise, if dirhold is changed from 1 to 3, there will be at least three periods between the step pulse and a change of the direction pin.

My question is, where can I find the dirhold and steplen settings? So I can change them to 2 or 3.

Thanks very much,

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18 Nov 2010 04:37 #5391 by danniansolutions
I just found them in the hal file, sorry. I'm a bonehead..

Thanks to everyone involved in linuxcnc though, it's great software!
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