HELP: Make pin1 high if pin15 is high

13 Apr 2011 12:24 #8835 by JohnoInc
First, thank you for the URL, i will read over it tmw.

ok, well i have learned the hard way lol, to edit the "custom.hal" otherwise you lose your code if in the "xxx.hal" file and run stepconfig.

due to the physical way the machine box is made and the wiring looms i can not get in between the switch(s) and pin 15. But, i can get to pin1 and a ground. on pin15 there is a estop switch setup. when it is closed the value goes LOW and just stops on the software. this estop is a green switch.

NOTE, there is a override estop, which cuts the mains power to the entire system. this estop is a red switch.

now the idea is to have over head flood light and a red strobe light turn on. So my thinking is that, when the estop goes low i can get a echo on pin 1 to go high. when pin 1 is high, it will go through a circuit i have made that will interface between pin 1 and the flood light and strobe light.

This circuit i have made and tested will work via opto-coupler and transistors onto a independent relay which will turn on the mains power for the flood light and a isolated 12Vdc line for the strobe light. this circuit i have made will run from a steady 3Vdc. the older parrelle ports, to which this one is, have a steady 3.3Vdc output. But, i have tested the circuit and it will work from a steady voltage of just 2Vdc.

I am ultimately putting this coding into the "custom.hal" file inside the config folder.

Things i have now noted. I was getting confused between highs and lows. also didn't clearly state what i meant by flashing light (it doesn't need to flash or flip flop, as its a strobe, it just needs power). was reading the wrong manual at first. and am confused on the coding, as i seen some that have the same wording as others i seen but meant to do the opposite function..... and from your last post i got the invert clear in my head now, why it wasn't so simple earlier i dont

arrr grrr..... very frustrating indeed.

i don't think the halrun at the end of your last post will be of need for what i intend to do.

I hope this is more transparent for all, and once again THANK YOU for taking you time to walk me through this. hope the URL will open a few more doors in my head.

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