Bridgeport Boss5 stepper to servo

01 Jan 2016 05:17 #67637 by Duc
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Had to finish up the pulleys for the Y-axis and Z-axis but really needed a break from tuning.

Reason why I cant change the pulley ratio on the X-axis. No dam room but I can buy a servo gearbox later on.

Finished very similar to the Y-axis for the tig welding on the pulley adapter.


Turned the boss off the Z-axis pulley.

Fit like a champ
12 Apr 2016 02:37 - 12 Apr 2016 02:48 #73139 by Duc
Duc replied the topic: Bridgeport Boss5 stepper to servo
Forgot to finish the thread but the Yaskawa AC servos are working out excellent on the mill.

Got a urge to start setting up a 4th axis before I have a project need. No desire for a cheap unit that would only frustrate me or crap out later on. All Chinese and converted super spacers were off the table. I wanted at minimum a HAAS rotary but really wanted to justify a rotary in the Nikken, Tsudakoma, etc class of tables. We have a ton of Tsudakoma tables at work so I could use that as a way into tech support if needed. Ebay has alot of used rotary tables but difficult to weed thru the units unless you have a idea of what you want. Next was selecting a size that would fit on my bridgeport mill and not take up all the knee travel and weight limit. I was looking for a 160mm table but in the end I settled with a 200mm table.

Turns out a lot of people will take about 1/5 ebay price when you actually offer them money. Got this table for $1200 delivered to work with the tail support and hydraulic booster for the unit.

Once I got the unit home I was like a child at Christmas, Must open unit to see what I bought!!!!
Surprise surprise, the rotary had a Yaskawa SGMG-09A2ADS AC servo motor and not a DC servo motor like I was expecting.

Switches for the hydraulic brake indicator. Dual switch setup.
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12 Apr 2016 03:17 #73141 by Duc
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Also opened up the covers to inspect the worm gear a bit and the motor gears. Dam near looked new. Beginning to think this had low hours and the job went under or the business did.

Now that I had a idea of what was in the rotary table, I could start researching interfacing the motor to my system.

Motor spec
Yaskawa SGMG-09A2ADS
850 Watt AC servo motor
8192 P/R incremental encoder
Sigma class of motors

At this point I would have loved to use a Sigma5 drive but all data points to that being a losing battle. According to Yaskawa website I need a SGDB-10ADG servo drive for this motor. I found a few on ebay but nobody was taking the low ball offers but manage to find a bid auction for 3 of them. I won one of them at $216 but others went for less than $200. One company was bidding against me for the units. Still cheap compared to normal prices.

I couldn't find shit for Tsudakoma cables on ebay and I didn't dare call the company for some. End connectors alone retail for $200 each. I did find the end connectors for $20 each on ebay and a 4 pack of 12ft supertrex cables (10 wire -16Ga) for $35.
MS3106F20-29S (encoder plug)
MS3102R28-11S, MR06-28-11P-A66-A106 (Motor power and I/O)

Had to switch the rotary power plug to a female to match what I could find on ebay.

Original plug
04 Jun 2016 23:05 #75511 by Duc
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OK I will have to get back to the rotary updates later but here is the INI and Hal files that are giving me trouble for adding a linear encoder to the knee.

encoder 00 is for knee
Knee is W axis
06 Sep 2017 13:51 #98581 by vista_joe
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I would really enjoy reading your entries - however due to photobucket I cannot see any of your photos.
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