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Configuring TB6600

13 Nov 2014 16:29 #53059 by mikejohn37
mikejohn37 created the topic: Configuring TB6600
I have a Jk02-M breakout board and the HY-DIV268N driver. I have a Toshiba - TB6600HG.

I am looking at this Stepper Configuration Wizard and I wonder if somebody has been there and done that and can please help me fill out some of the fields in the wizard like step time, direction hold etc

13 Nov 2014 17:02 #53060 by ArcEye
ArcEye replied the topic: Configuring TB6600

The step timing info seems hard to come by but appears
should work

If you get any problems with movement increase the first 2 to 10000

These are basically the TB6560 with the new toshiba TB6600 chip, put in a box to look like the much more expensive and better Leadshine drivers

Be very careful not to exceed the max supply voltage or use them anywhere near the max rated amperage, V++ they go bang, A++ they can get very hot and fail.

There are other problems, this is an example

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13 Nov 2014 18:15 #53063 by cncbasher
cncbasher replied the topic: Configuring TB6600
Mike ,
these toshiba chipsets are quite tolerant of range so the figures Arceye gave should get you working
you may even be able to get down to 3500 for step and direction comfortably , they will go lower but you'll hit intermittent problems

people take the miss conception that you need to set these to a specific number ,it's not critical to do so , and infact having them near to the max
as far as tuning goes can give more problems .

but as Arceye mentions the voltage supplied is far more critical , and they blow at the mere sight of going over the limit
i try to keep them at around 3 -5v lower than max capability and they will run fine
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14 Nov 2014 06:45 #53075 by mikejohn37
mikejohn37 replied the topic: Configuring TB6600
Thanks guys. I may have more questions.

20 Jun 2017 07:08 #94717 by pjm
pjm replied the topic: Configuring TB6600
Hi all, I have 5 of these units running a cnc router, the info I got from the distributor is as follows;

1. Supply Voltage: DC 9 ~ 42VDC
2. Max Input voltage: 48VDC
3. Operating Temperature: -10 to 45C
4. Storage temperature: -40 to 70C
5. Max Drive Current: 4A
6. Chopping Frequency: 20KHZ

The maximum frequency, duration and segmentation are related. Specifically in the 32 subdivision when the maximum frequency is 50KHz; 16 subdivision time 32KHz,
8 subdivision -16KHz ...
1 subdivision -2KHz.

The minimum step pulse duration corresponds to the subdivision, and the duty cycle is calculated as 50%. Can be calculated for the duration;

32 subdivided corresponding to the duration of 10us;
16 subdivision -2KHz-15.6us
1 subdivision -2KHz-250us

Hopefully this info is useful.


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