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Measure Table Movement Directly for Thread Pitch

17 Jun 2016 00:36 #76191 by chevydan6
Im currently converting an existing machine to linuxCNC that has ballscrews on every axis. I cant find information on these thread screws so I cannot enter a pitch for them. I was wondering if I could measure the table movement directly buy say, generating 200 steps and measuring table movement that way and entering the value into stepconf somehow? Also is there an step generator program within LinuxCNC that will make a certain amount of steps to do this? Im a newbie to LinuxCNC
11 Nov 2016 19:51 #82705 by SenorAguas
An easier/less elegant method that I've used in a pinch is to:

1. set it up in stepconf with a best guess.
2. set up a dial indicator/magnetic base (or use existing DRO if its a bridgeport or something).
3. start linuxcnc and jog the table, while measuring how much it actually moved.
4. go into ini or stepconf and adjust (pitch or gearing) based on the ratio of how much it was supposed to move compared to how much it did move.
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