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Stepconf Wiz?..how much does it actually convert

30 Aug 2016 11:13 #79717 by Spectre
I ran the stepconf wizard on my Mach3 file and it doesnt seem to read all the XML information is this how it is supposed to work?. I had to set all my port pins manually and the units per step and there are a lot of other things it wants to know that I would have thought would have been read from the XML file. Is this correct or do I have a issue?
30 Aug 2016 16:44 #79728 by PCW
I wasn't aware that stepconf did any conversion at all

AFAIK this has always been done by JT on the forum here with his conversion utility:

30 Aug 2016 21:38 #79756 by Spectre
I read it that the wizard took the settings from the XML file and setup LCNC to use those ports and settings
30 Aug 2016 22:04 #79758 by PCW
Yes I guess that's correct now (there's a import mach xml file option)
Sorry I cant help with your issue, I'm not sure what parameters it is intended to import
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