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world's dumbest setup question

24 Oct 2016 22:32 #82016 by milu
Sorry to even ask, but ... with regard to the X axis: when pressing the - or + buttons in linuxcnc, should the table (Taig CNC) move left or right? Same question for the Y axis, + button moves the table in or out.

Home is table all the way to the left, and all the way out?

Thanks, I know these are basic, but I've googled around and haven't found any answers.
25 Oct 2016 01:05 #82023 by Todd Zuercher
The tool should move in relation to the part the same as on the screen. On a moving table machine this can sometimes seem a little backwards, but the table should move to the left for a positive move, and the right for a negative move.
25 Oct 2016 08:09 #82028 by Rick G
25 Oct 2016 20:35 #82060 by milu
Replied by milu on topic world's dumbest setup question
Thanks, that's perfect.
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