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Taig cnc mini mill Gecko 540 setup help

01 Nov 2016 17:52 #82314 by ArtJ
Hey guys. I am new to cnc and Linux. I have a new Taig CNC ready mini mill set up with Nema 23 8 wire motors wires in parallel, Gecko 540 and a 42 v 800 watt power supply and Linux CNC. I have everything running and moving the correct directions, but If I ask any axis to move .001, it moves .0015. I have dabbled with every setting in the step conf wizard and I actually got it moving the correct amount, but after I re booted the pc, it went back to doing what it was doing before. and the settings didn't change from what I set them to in the step conf. I see a few threads on here talking about the INI file and how it overrides the step conf. Anyone have any suggestions on what my settings should be in the step conf and INI. I actually don't know how to get into the INI yet. Thanks in advance.
01 Nov 2016 18:57 #82315 by Todd Zuercher
Making changes directly in the configuration files is very simple, you just open the file with a text editor (there are lots of different ones, available.) Simply use a file browser to open the "linuxcnc" folder in you home dir, then open the folder "configs". Whithin that folder there will be one or more folders containing the configuration files for your machine(s). Open that folder and in there are your .hal and .ini files. If you double click on one of those configuration files the file browser is smart enough to open the file in a text editor. You can then type in the changes you want to make and resave the file. You will find a SCALE = ??? under each [AXIS_n] section in the .ini file, that is where you make your change.

Alternatively, while Linuxcnc is running you can change the scale from the Calibration item in the Machine pull down menu (assuming the Axis gui). Here you can test your new scale setting, and then save your changes once you are happy with them.
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